Monday, 05 June 2017 00:01

Cattle Crush and 5 Way Draft

Over the 30 years of Quality Steel Fabrications and Engineering being in Richmond, Matt Hudspith has worked alongside cattlemen of the area developing Cattle Handling Equipment suited to the way they work their Cattle. Our 5 way Draft originally was a copy of a 3 way draft on Yan Yeah Station, which was owned by Jill Phillips 30 years ago. Our 5 way draft has been made to handle large animals so it is a little longer than others. Matt  changed the Block off Gate so it was more Efficient then developed a self catching head bale. Others have copied this now, It was originally Matt Hudspith's idea.

A Race attaches to the Crush which attaches to the 5 Way Draft. This helps with Weaning, Checking, Ear Tagging, Spraying Etc. Penning and Separating your Cattle. Which helps to keep Costs down by helping to keep the whole process efficient.