Friday, 17 November 2017 01:45

Pie House Drive Through

We recently completed a set of media/digital display cases for the new Condon Pie House. Working alongside NQAV Townsville, we were able to come up with a solution that was practical and aesthetically pleasing.

This project proved challenging from both a technical and design point of view, as it had us working not only on a concept outside of our typical manufacturing process, but also with materials foreign to the experiences of our team. Being able to draw on the knowledge and experiences of our very diverse team, we have been able to produce a finished product that is not only fit for use, but will help to set Pie House apart with their modern and clean digital menu boards.

QSFE has prided itself on providing the best possible quality of product along with the friendliest and best possible customer service that only a local team can provide. A project such as this brings with it not only a steep learning curve, but also a realisation that our capabilities really are as diverse as the many possibilities that are out there.