Monday, 22 January 2018 04:23

Quality Steel Calf Cradle Featured


The Quality Steel Calf Cradle has been developed by Mat Hudspith, in collaboration with Malcolm McClymont and Ron Purse of Richmond fame and has been designed with the decades of combined experience of Western Queensland stockmen, to get the most out of your equipment with the least amount of risk to your stock and workers.


              • Easy single person operation
              • Tipping table at ideal working height
              • Self-catching head bail
              • Side and rear gate for ease of access
              • Calf runs available
              • Enclosed sides for animal and worker safety 

"Designed by Cattlemen, For the Cattle Industry"

With its rugged construction to handle even the most robust calf, a self catching head bail, adjustable single action clamp and a tipping table that sits at the optimal height to keep both the animal and the worker out of the dirt and in a comfortable position, the Quality Steel Calf Cradle will meet all of your calf husbandry needs with safety, reliability and durability.